Consorzio Tutela Roero at VinItaly

Next month marks a busy one for wine fairs in Europe and the wines of the Roero consorzio are proud to be a part of it.

From the 15-17th of March you will find them at ProWein in Dusseldorf, Germany; the 18-20 in Piemonte at Grandi Langhe; and, finally, from the 22-25 at VinItaly.

If you are not familiar, all three festivals are really rather important, but it is VinItaly that is the largest for Italian wine, as it is entirely Italian-wine focused. Wineries come from across the country to showcase their wine to attendees, mostly trade, in various capacities.

Of course, Roero will have a very big presence at the fair. Looking for someone in particular? Scroll down, we have the entire list for you here:

Maurizio Ponchione:
Hall 10, Stand 40

Franco Casetta:
Hall 10 Stand 61.

Azienda Agricola Chiesa Carlo:
Hall 10, Stand 32.

Az.Negro Angelo:
Hall 9 Stand F3

Terra Da Vino S.P.A.:
Hall 7 Stand E6

Almondo Giovanni:
Hall 10 , Stand

Az. Ag. F.lli Rabino,
Hall 10 Stand C1

Monchiero Carbone
Hall 7 Stand D11

Az. Agr. Careglio Pierangelo:
Hall 10, Area A4, Stand 58

Marchesi di Barolo
Hall 5 Stand D1

Hall 10 Stand H2

Az. Agr. Nizza Silvano:
Hall 10 Area 3 Stand 33

Hall 9, Stand 71

Hall 10, Stand L2

Az. Agr. Daniele Pelassa:
Hall 10 Area: C3 Stand N. 15

Vincenzo Bossotti
Hall 10 Stand L/3.

Daniele Casetta:
Hall 10 Stand A3

Barbero’s vini
Hall 10 , Stand H2

Az. Pace:
Hall 10 Position D. 4 Stand 23

Filippo Gallino:
Hall 10 Stand I2

Hall 10, Area A2, Stand 70

Antica cascina Conti Roero –Olivero Pietro:
Hall Toscana, Stand C1 / C2

Battagliano fabrizio
Hall 10 Area A3 Stand 40

Cascina Pellerino:
Hall 10 Stand G3

Paolo Demarie
Hall 8 Stand G2

Azienda Agricola Gian Paolo Viglione
Hall 11 Stand L3

Michele Chiarlo Az. Viitivinicola
Hall 7 Stand E7/E8

Marco Porello:
Hall 7 Stand B5 – B4

Cantina Del Nebbiolo:
Hall 10 Stand H2

Hall 10  Stand H3

Cascina val del Prete
Hall 10 Stand C1

Az Agr Cornarea
Hall 10 Stand M2

Hall e 10 sSand N4.

Azienda Agricola Matteo Correggia
Hall 10 Piemonte Stand “Langa In” area A1 A2

With Municipal Cantina Comunale La Morra, Hall 10

Azienda Agricola Pescaja
Hall 10 Stand  I2

Azienda Agricola Giacomo Vico
Hall 10 Stand M2

Dogliotto 1870
Hall 10 Stand G1.

Hall 10 Stand F2

We look forward to sharing our wines with you there!


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