Consorzio Tutela Roero: A Good Showing at Grandi Langhe

March marked the celebration of the 2nd annual Grandi Langhe hosted by the Consorzio Turistico Langhe Monferrato Roero in Piedmont featuring the prestigious wines of the region including areas of Barolo, Barbaresco, and Roero.

The three-day, six-tasting event aimed to show attendees the individuality of each area of Piedmont while focusing on the significant grape(s) of each area, as well.

Thursday, March 19th was Roero’s day and 38 producers gathered at the newly renovated Castello Guarene, a picturesque landmark with even more amazing views – certainly a star of the Grandi Langhe!

For many, this was the first opportunity to showcase the highly anticipated 2014 vintage – a high majority of the wines had been bottled just days before! As expected, though, the 2014 vintage showed clean, crisp fruit with good quality across the board.

The Roero (rosso) ranged from years 2010-2012 with a few outliers of older vintages, many with Riserva status. Nebbiolo from Roero is made in an elegant style featuring a softer body with a floral component with notes of spice, cherries and red fruits. These examples were not exception to this profile.

In the words of the Roero Consorzio President, Francesco Monchiero, (previously printed in Civilta del here) “This event is the clearest proof of the fact that , despite the protection bodies [consorzios] are now legally separated , the mind and willingness to cooperate in the promotion of the whole territory has remained the same.” Truly a great event all around and we look forward to the third edition of the fair!

The complete list of producers:

Alberto Oggero
Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero
Gianni Almondo
Viglione Antonio e Figli Srl
Bric Cenciurio
Fabrizio Battaglino
Renato Buganza
Cascina del Pozzo di Marchisio Gianmario
Cantina del Nebbiolo S.C.A.
Cantina Tomaso Gianolio
Careglio Pier Angelo
Cascina Ca’ Rossa di Ferrio Angelo
Cascina Chicco
Cascina Val Del Prete
Chiesa Carlo
Costa Catterina di Coscia Antonio
Costa Stefanino di Costa Alessandro
F.lli Casetta S.S. di Casetta Ernesto e C.
Cantina Monpissan Gallino Antonio
Dosio Vigneti Srl
El Cavis
Emanuele Rolfo Az. Agr. Cà di Cairè
Filippo Gallino Generaj di Viglione Giuseppe
Le Cecche Fratelli Massucco
Malabaila di Canale
Marsaglia S.a.S.
Monchiero Carbone
Montaribaldi Az. Agr. di Taliano Luciano e Taliano Roberto
Poderi Moretti di Moretti Francesco
Azienda Agricola Negro Lorenzo
Negro Angelo e Figli
Nizza Silvano
Novo Marco
Cantine Povero
Marco Porello
Ponchione Maurizio
F.lli Rabino di Rabino Andrea
Sebaste Srl
Taliano Michele
Tenuta Carretta
Valfaccenda di Faccenda Luca

















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