#WinePW #SummerofArneis with Girl’s Gotta Drink Recap

Copyright: Girl's Gotta Drink/ Valerie Quintanilla
Copyright: Girl’s Gotta Drink/ Valerie Quintanilla

Summer upon us and that means it’s time for fresh fair and deliciously crisp wines. Luckily, we have our Roero Arneis to keep us cool and refreshed all season long.

As you may have heard, our friend over at Girl’s Gotta Drink hosted the first ever online chat featuring Arneis this past Saturday on June 13th. She asked all participants to provide a suggested pairing for Piedmonts favorite white variety and the recipes and pairings people developed were simply divine!

The hour-long chat was a great way to get to know Roero Arneis as well as new recipes. Here are the entries:

Hungry for more information? Check out the #Winepw hashtag on Twitter and see the whole chat – and the continued conversation throughout the week!

So stay cool this summer and eat well with one of these delicious recipes and a bottle of Roero Arneis, of course!



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