New Year’s Eve Traditions in Roero

Happy New Year!

nye USA copy

A bit early, perhaps, but it doesn’t hurt to say it in the days coming.

We already know you’ll be celebrating with Roero Arneis Spumante, but if you really want to celebrate like an Italian, follow these tried and true traditions.

  1. Wear your finest pair of red undies. Wearing red underwear on NYE signifies good luck in Italy… Who you show it to, though, is up to you!
  2. Rice signifies coins in Piedmont so the traditional dish for the evening is risotto. For an authentic taste of Piedmont, try this traditional Piedmontese recipe.
  3. Stay up until sunrise. In Italy, it’s believed that staying up to see the first dawn of the new year is good luck!
  4. Bring our dancing shoes. Midnight (and before and after) is rung in by a dance party… and why shouldn’t it be?
  5. Look up, there are fireworks. Is any celebration complete without fireworks? We think not.

No matter where or how you celebrate this year, we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and look forward to toasting with you, glass of Roero Arneis Spumante in hand, at midnight.




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