Along the Roero Wine Trail: Baldissero d’Alba and Castellinaldo

Kicking off our virtual wine route this month, we are first focusing on Baldissero d’Alba and Castellinaldo – two of the 19 subareas of Roero,. Each month, we will focus on 1-2 areas of Roero, finally concluding with those wineries who are technically outside the denomination.

ROERO_INGLESE_def copy with starsSo pour yourself a glass of wine, pull up your social media accounts, and take a (virtual) trip with us.  Note that all of this information can also be found in the newly released, comprehensive eBook featuring the region of the Roero.

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Baldissero d’Alba

Bordering the famous Rocce in the region with arid soils full of sand and marine fossils, Baldissero d’Alba is a small, but mighty region with just 13 hectares of vines, predominately Arneis. Most of the region is best-suited for Roero Arneis, as the variety loves sandy soils with easy drainage, but toward the middle of the region, one will find a larger concentration of bluish-gray loam slate which are perfect for the Roero.

In this area, one will find two of the best vineyard sites in Roero: Costabella and Manna.



castellnido copy
Castellinaldo is a much larger area with over 260 hectares of vines, though only 120 are part of the Roero denomination (others include Barbera, etc.) with 107.88 for Roero Arneis and 12.33 for the Nebbiolo. Castellinaldo is the second-most important growing area in Roero.
The municipality can be divided into two main areas:

• The southeastern part: An area spanning from  Bric Cenciurio and Bric Zoanni heads towards Priocca. The region boasts a number of hills with soils that include marl and sand, but with a calcareous component. Thus, this area is better suited for wines that are full bodied.

• The northwestern part: Spanning toward Canale, this area boasts steeper hills and has a large presence of forests. The soils here are sandier with loam components, which is suitable for the production of fresher wines with mineral notes.

The most important vineyards of the region are: Bric America, Mongalletto, San Carlo, San Pietro and Sräi.


La Granera
Thirsty yet? Try one of the great producers listed under each region and see if you can taste the difference. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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