Along the Roero Wine Trail: Canale

canaleCanale is one of the best known sub-regions of Roero and with good reason considering it is often referred to as the “unofficial wine capital” of the region. Canale is home to 23% of Roero’s entire DOCG classified grapes in Roero.

Over 240 hectares of vines belong to the DOCG , 175.62 of Arneis and 63.10 of Nebbiolo and an additional 130 of other varieties such as Barbera and Favorita.

Soils in Canale are mostly sandy, as is what Roero is famed for, with grayish-blue loam and clay. It is the ideal land for complex Roero wines, with great structure and suitable for aging, but with a known elegance. Towards Priocca, the soils contain 3-10% calcareaous content as well as traces of gypsum/sulfur. On the other side, towards Santo Stefano, the soil content is sandier.

The landscape is made up of many hills and although the rolling hills of Canale are moderate within the region they create a breathtaking view from atop.

The result is a range of wines from those that are full-bodied and rich in aromas with a good level of alcohol to those that process a more mineral character.


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