Roero Welcomes You ProWein March 13-15


Roero is proud to to announce the following wineries welcome you to their stands at ProWein in Düsseldorf March 13-15.

Below you will find their names & stands. Inquiry of appointments are strongly encouraged.

ProWein Positions:

Hall 15:  
Vite Colte Hall 15 Stand C50
Cornerea Hall 15 A51 Desk 22
Cantina De Nebbiolo Hall 15 Stand C38
Moretti Vino Hall 15 Stand B66
Cantina Povero Hall 15 Stand B09
Chiesa Carlo Hall 15 Stand A41
Deltetto Pad 15 Stand B61.
Pelassa Hall 15 Desk A51
Cantina Tibaldi Hall 15 Stand A41
Società Agricola Dosio Vigneti Srl Hall 15, Stand A51, Desk 11
Matteo Correggia Hall 15 Stand, A51, Desk 4

Hall 16:
Negro Angelo e Figli Hall 16 Stand H57
Cascina Del Pozzo XVX Italia Hall 16 Stand C59 Ita Area (Ice)
Malvira Hall 16 Stand J57
Monchiero Carbone Hall 16 Stand H12
Mo Vino Hall 16 Stand C59

We look forward to welcoming you!


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