Along the wine trail: Castagnito & Corneliano d’Alba

ROERO_INGLESE_def copy 4

This month, we were all about the Castagnito & Corneliano d’Alba!

A little about each region:


Located in the southeastern part of Roero, the closest to the Tanaro River, facing Barbaresco, Castagnito is characterized by marlier soils with mixed clay and calcareous deposits. These soils result in a style of Roero Arneis that is full-bodied and well-rounded.

Here one will find over 58 hectares of Arneis, but only 6.4ha of Nebbiolo. Still, in recent years, the Nebbiolo produced here has received accolades.

Vineyards to know in Castagnito are Costa, Croera and Soarme.

The Wineries:

Costa Catterina
Massucco F.Ill

The Vine Growers:

      1. Allerino Silvano
      2. Artusio Margherita
      3. Battaglino Loredana
      4. Boella Violantina
      5. Bonino Tarcisio
        6. Cappello Franca
        7. Cassinelli Francesco
        8. Crime Claudio Giuseppe
        9. Crime Serafino Domenico
        10. Demarie Margerita
        11. Ferrero Danilo
        12. Ferrero Germano
        13. Fiora Francesco
        14. Isnardi Maurizio
        15. Marello Giuseppe
        16. Santa Teresa az. agr.
        17. Volatino Gian Piero

Corneliano d’Alba

Corneliano d’Alba is located on the western border of Roero and is one that is classified as “typical Roero.” The hills are predominantly made up of sandy soils which result in mineral and straight style of Roero Arneis.

The region’s vineyard area is quite small with 31.21 dedicated to Arneis and only 1.52 dedicated to Nebbiolo. Vineyards to know are Cumignano and La Valle.

The wineries:


The Vine Growers:

  1. Albrito Matteo Franco
  2. Bergadano Daniela
  3. Camera Federico
  4. Chiesa Renato
  5. Donato Egidio
  6. Ferrino Sergio
  7. Frea Franco

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