Along the Wine Trail: Govone & Guarene

Map of Roero Regions copy

This month we’re heading to Govone & Guarene which are two very distinct regions.


Govone is the northeastern-most region in Roero with a total of 208 hectares. Though the region is much larger, only a small portion of the area is classified for DOC/DOCG production.

Of the 208 hectares, only 10.17 are of Arneis and 3.19 are of Nebbiolo, which makes up the Roero rosso. The rest of the area is planted with Barbera.

Despite it’s small size, the area has two major soils types: clay and sedimentary soils. The areas with clay have over 20% of it and is of Pliocene origin, while the sedimentary soils are more reminiscent to those found in the Langhe.

The most-well vineyard site is called Monfrini.


Ponchione Maurizio

Produttori di Govone


Located south of Govone is the Guarene which has only a portion of its region classified in the DOCG. That said, unlike Govone, Guarene has over 20 hectares of Roero vines with 1.14 belonging to Nebbiolo and 19.02 belonging to Arneis. Of this area, the most famous is Montebello Hill.

Guarene is the closest DOCG area to the Tanaro and it has compact and cooler soils marine fossils and a larger presence of clay with gypsum deposits. This results in wines with a higher alcohol content, well-founded, structured, and meant for aging.

The best-known vineyards are Croera, Montebello and Soarme.

Vine growers:

  1. Anfossi Giacinto
  2. Gallo Giuseppina
  3. Isnardi Modesto
  4. La Prela az. agr.
  5. Pelassa Domenico
  6. Pelassa Michele
  7. Rodda Michele



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