Along the Wine Trail: Magliano Alfieri & Montà

Map of Roero Regions copy

This month we’re heading to Magliano Alfieri & Montà!

Magliano Alfieri:

The smallest area in terms of DOCG classified vine-growth, Magliano Altieri has just 5.39 hectares of Arneis and 2.31 hectares of Nebbiolo which equates to just .75% of hectares in the entire DOCG area.

The area lies on the easternmost portion of Roero bordering Barbaresco. The soils are low in permeability and are both sedimentary and more humid than an average Roero soil. Wines here are generally made with a higher alcohol content, but great structure.

 The most noteworthy vineyards include Costa and San Micè vineyards.

Vine growers:

1. Rava Gemma


Opposite of the above region, Montà is located on the northwestern-most part of Roero. The area is home to 10% of the DOCG vines planted in Roero with 74 hectares of Arneis and 23.65 hectares of Nebbiolo. The two varieties are grown on varying soil types.

The Rocche is comprised of sandy soils especially at the higher altitudes of 350 meters where the soils are 80% total sand. Lower altitudes still boast sandy soils, but you will also fine marine origin and the large fossils for which the region has become known.


These sandy soils are best suited for Roero Arneis with markable elegance and freshness. Toward Canale, the soils are higher in clay and loam slate which add complexity and structure to the Roero Arneis wines.

For the Roero rosso, Montà has several vine growing areas specifically marked for the production of the red wine:

•Bricco delle Ciliegie which likes in Vitori at the centermost part of the denomination.

•Bric Valdiana, Piloni and Valteppe located toward San Stefano just below the Rocce

•Bricco del Medico and Bric Bossola which are toward Canale

• Other notable vineyards are: Valbianchera, Varomualdo (or Varomaldo), and Morinaldo.

Vine growers:

      1. Almondo Pierangelo
      2. Benotto Maria Teresa
      3. Bornengo Ivan
      4. Calorio Valerio
      5. Capello Luigi
      6. Caranzano Giuseppina
      7. Casetta Carlo
      8. Casetta Daniele
      9. Casetta Marco
      10. Casetta Michele
      11. Casetta Valter
        12. Cauda Agostino
        13. Cauda Giuseppe
        14. Giorio Valter
        15. Grasso Lorenzo
        16. Marchisio Lina
        17. Marchisio Lorenzo Piero 18. Marchisio Silvana19. Morone Giovanni 20. Rossello Giuliana 21. Serra Piero
        22. Taliano Domenico


  1. Vigna Riccardo
  2. Taliano Nicola
  3. Taliano Michele
  4. Taliano Cristian
  5. Pelassa Daniele
  6. Marchisio Pietro
  7. La Grisa
  8. Generaj
  9. Costa Stefanino
  10. Poderi Vaiot – Casetta Franco
  11. Calorio Vincenzo
  12. Calorio Andrea
  13. Cà Di Cairè
  14. Botto F.Lli
  15. Bornengo Gian Mario
  16. Bordone Giuseppe
  17. Aloi Vini
  18. Giovanni Almondo

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