#RealRoero Tasting in NYC a Huge Success!


New York City discovered Piedmont’s Real Roero Tuesday, May 17th  with the wines from nearly 20 producers and an in-depth seminar led by Jeffrey Porter, Beverage Director of the B & B Hospitality Group and Tom Hyland, Author of the upcoming book The Wines & Foods of Piedmont with guest speakers Lucrezia Malabaila of Cantina Malabaila and Carlo Deltetto of Deltetto Winery.

The standing-room-only seminar was packed with journalists and sommeliers from some of New York’s top outlets all eager to learn more about the Roero and its Arneis and Nebbiolo wines.

Back Row: Dino Tentawi of Vignaioli Selections , Lucrezia Malabaila of Cantina Malabaila, Fabrizio Battaglino of Battaglino Fabrizio, Andrea Calorio of Fratelli Calorio, Francois Rousseau of Winebow, Erica Parker of Winebow, Giorgia Meraviglia of Cascina Pozzo, Gianmario Marchisio of Cascina Pozzo, Jennifer Lucia of Skurnik Wines, Antonio Corscia of Costa Catterina, Marco Porello or Marco Porello Winery, Constance Chamberlain of Wine & Co. LLC, Stephanie Artner of Wine & Co. LLC Front row: Daniele Pelassa of Pelassa Winery, Jack Clark of Vignaioli Selections, Isabella of Taliano Michele, Giovanni Roagna of Casina Val Del Prete, Andrea Careglio of Cantina Careglio, Carlo Deltetto of Deltetto Winery, Enzo Agrestal of Tenuta Carretta, Weston Hoard of The Piedmont Guy

The feedback from the attendees was incredible. Many commented that this was the first time they had ever had the opportunity to have so many of these wines side-by-side and that they learned so much from the tasting.

We are so excited to have brought this great event to New York City!

Check out the photos for more: Discover Piedmont’s Real Roero.




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