Along the wine trail… Focus on: Montaldo Roero & Monteu Roero

Map of Roero Regions copy june copy


Boasting slight more than 50 hectares total – including 22.14 of Roero Arneis and 5.73 of Nebbiolo – Montaldo Roero is one of the regions with the least vines planted in the Roero.

Much of the region is made up of light and loose soils with an 80% sand content which is perfect for the production of Roero Arneis, but the areas toward the center of the region have a higher concentration on calcareous soils with gray-blue loam and a higher content of the clay for well-structured and complex wines.


  • Nada Roberto
  • Occhetti Domenico
  • Onofrio Francesco


  • Brea Lorenzo e Giovanni
  • Pars Giuseppe


Conversely, Monteu Roero is only of the most important regions in Roero with 70.62 hectares of Roero Arneis and 17.26 hectares of Nebbiolo making the production of Roero wine over half of the total vine plantings.

The territory extends from the Rocche all the way to the central part of the Roero, with varying types of soils.

Below the Roche, the soils are concentrated in sand with almost no cancerous content perfect for making Roero Arneis or an elegant and light style of the Roero rosso.

Towards Vezza d’Alba and Canale arises a bluish-gray loam slate found throughout spots in the area, more calcareous and with a clay component greater than 20%, ideal for the making of complex and well-structured Roero wines with a potential for aging.


  • Bertero Michele
  • Bertorello Giovanni
  • Bordone Gino
  • Bordone Piero Carlo
  • Brezzo S.S.
  • Buratto Lorenzo
  • Gallarato Giuseppe
  • Minasso Giacomo
  • Oggero Norchi Michele
  • Sandri Fulvio
  • Sandri Giuseppe
  • Sandri Guglielmo
  • Sandri Nicolino
  • Schellino Maria
  • Sandri Roberto


  • Bordone Gian Paolo
  • Cascina Lanzaarotti
  • Cascina Pellerino
  • Fassino Giuseppe
  • Negro Angelo e Figli
  • Negro Lorenzo
  • Poderi Moretti
  • Portinale
  • Sandri Daniele
  • Viglione Anonio
  • Violate Tiziana

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