Along the Wine Trail: Monticello d’Alba & Piobesi d’Alba

Roero Map copy

This month we’re focusing on Monticello d’Alba & Probes d’Alba in Roero, to regions akin to the Alba area of Piedmont as they both border the province.

Monticello d’Alba

Monticello copy

Holding just 2% of the Roero vineyards = 18.48ha of Arneis and 5.38ha of Nebbiolo – Monticello d’Alba is similar to that of Alba boasting gentle hills and soils made up of sedimentary rock mixed with sand, marl, and gypsum. These soils are best suited for a strong style of Roero Arneis.

The most well-known vineyards are Casà and La Valle.


  • Nota Giuliano
  • Bricco Loghero di Oberto Vittorio


  • Bertolusso Maurizio
  • Bertoluzzo Livio Carlo
  • Cornaglia Luciano
  • Gagliardi Piero
  • Marengo Felice
  • Mo Sergio
  • Molinaro Claudio
  • Olivero Gian Marco

Piobesi d’Alba

Piobesi copy 2

Piobesi d’Alba also echoes that of Alba boasting gentle slopes and soils with a marl-gypsum content. There are 44.52ha of Arneis and just 3.53 of Nebbiolo.

Here the Roero Arneis is mineral, but with a weightier body than other areas of Roero and strong aromas.

The most important vineyard for the area is  Bric Paradiso, which boasts gray marl soils.


  • Tenuta Carretta
  • Buganza Renato


  • Miroglio Franco s.s.
  • Stupino of Berbotto Claudia
  • Viberti Emma

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