Along the Wine Trail: Pocapaglia & Priocca

Roero Map  copy 2

This month we’re focusing on Pocapaglia & Priocca! Two areas of Roero that are quite opposite, but produce delicious styles of the Roero Arneis.


pocapaglia copy

Pocapaglia is located on the inner portion of the Rocce, though its hills are not significantly high compared to some others in the region.

Located in the southwestern portion, Pocapaglia’s soils are dominated by sand with silica and are generally loose & arid with evidence of marine fossils so it comes as no surprise the entire area under vine of the DOCG denomination (11.02ha) is of Roero Arneis. The area produces a fresh and elegant style of Roero Arneis .


  • Cantina Tibaldi
  • Cascina Palazzo Rosso


  • Carignano Andrea
  • Dacomo of Dacomo Teresa
  • Libra Margherita
  • Monchiero Mario
  • Panero Stefano
  • Tibaldi of Rosso Maria Teresa


Priocca copy

Opposite the Pocapaglia, in the northeastern portion of Roero, Priocca is known for steal hills and Pliocene soils imposed with gypsum, limestone, rock, sulphur and other components. There are 36.95ha of the Arneis and 6.98ha of Nebbiolo in the DOCG here and it is known for producing powerful, bold, and full-bodied wines with high alcohol content.

The most famous and important vineyard location is Val del Prete. Other locations worth noting are Madonna delle Grazie and Montaforche.


  • Cascina Val del Prete
  • Roagna Giuseppe


  • Bonino Remo
  • Hilberg-Pasquero di Hilberg Annette

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