Along the wine trail: Santa Vittoria d’Alba & Santo Stefano Roero


Located in the southern portion of the DOCG denomination’s territory, Santa Vittoria’s hills are not significantly high; the vineyards are concentrated on the southern portion of the municipality. The soil, typical of this part of Roero, is of the sedimentary kind, cooler and more compact than those of the rest of the denomination; it is suitable for the production of wines which are often full-bodied and that have a significant alcohol content, with sapid, almost saline notes. There are 22.33 that belong to the denomination – 17.42 hectares are planted with Arneis and 4.91 with Nebbiolo. The most well-known vineyard location is Valle Spinzo.


  • Fratelli Rabino

Vine Growers:

  • Badellino Bartolomeo
  • Brizio Marisa Franca
  • Dabbene Valter
  • Dacomo Tommaso
  • Mattalia Margherita
  • Nada Carla
  • Rainero Marisa


The forest-rich territory of Santo Stefano Roero extends from the Rocche to some hills that have more the characters of the central area of the Roero. There are 50.09 vine planted hectares belonging to the denomination, with an important presence of Nebbiolo (19.67 hectares), which make up about 10% of the total hectares belonging to the DOCG denomination; there are 30.42 hectares planted with Arneis. Just below the Rocche, we find soils that are particularly sandy with almost no limestone content, older and of marine origin, rich in fossils and with a significant silica content; these are soils that are generally loose and arid. Towards Canale and Vezza d’Alba, instead, we find Pliocene sands of lacustrine and fluvial origin, which are often mixed with loam, giving vitality to otherwise compact soils. Close to the Rocche we find soils that limit the productivity of the vines (resulting in a lower grape yield), suitable for the making of elegant and sapid Roero Arneis wines and delicate and balanced Roero. Towards Canale and Vezza d’Alba, we find soils that are best for the cultivation of Nebbiolo, for Roero wines with elegant tannins and good structure, minerality, and intense sapidity. Santo Stefano Roero has some well-known vineyard locations: Anime, Le Coste, Madonna delle Grazie, Monfriggio, Reina, and San Michele.


  • Brezzo Michele
  • Cascina Fornace
  • Cheisa Carlo
  • Delpero S.S.
  • Maiolo Renato
  • Nizza Silvano
  • Alberto Oggero
  • Rosso Francesco

Vine Growers:

  • Arduino Anselmo of Chiesa Caterina
  • Arduino Giuseppe
  • Cascina Roletto of Dacomo Luigi
  • Costa Angelo
  • Costa Annibale
  • Costa Catia
  • Dacomo Luigi
  • Molino Liliana
  • Nizza Marco
  • Sibona Fratelli Stefano and Domenico s. s

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