Along the Wine Trail: Sommariva Perno & Vezza d’Alba


Sommariva Perno is the municipality with the smallest number of vine-planted hectares belonging to the DOCG denomination: 4.53 of Arneis and 0.91 of Nebbiolo, making up 0.53% of the vine-planted hectares belonging to the denomination. The soils found east of the Rocche are those typical of Roero, rich in silica, sandy, and generally arid and loose, rich in fossils. These are soils that naturally lead to an underdevelopment of the vines and thus, lower yields, suitable for the production of elegant and fresh Roero Arneis, as well as for delicate Roero, with a moderate alcohol content and tannin levels, noticeably aromatic.

Vine Growers:

1. Agosto Nadia
2. Astegiano Giuseppe


There are 200 total hectares in Vezza d’Alba, and almost 100 of these belong to the DOCG denomination. There are 85.21 are planted with Arneis and 12.73 with Nebbiolo: these vineyards, in some way or another, are representative of the Roero and its viticultural territory, thanks to the sand-rich soils and the extreme inclinations of its hills. The soil is typical of the central portion of the area of Roero, where the Pliocene part comes together with a loam slate that is richer in limestone and clay (with some spots reaching 50%), which increase the viscosity and compactness of the soils, leading to Roero and Roero Arneis that bring together freshness, structure, and complexity. Among some of the most important vineyard locations we find Valmaggiore, an amphitheater-like hill that has expositions ranging from southeast to southwest, with extremely steep inclinations, very little nourishing substances, and with an almost single sand component of marine origin, with the addition of rocks and fossils. The microclimate generally foresees hot summers, little precipitations and winds of marine provenience. Known for the quality of its Nebbiolo from the 17th century, it was selected by Beppe Colla in 1961 and vinified as a single vineyard, soon to be followed by Bruno Giacosa at the beginning of the 1970s, indicating the name of the vineyard on the label. In addition to this “monument” of the Roero, there are other well-known and prestigious vineyard locations: Audinaggio, Pioiero (just along the municipality limits with Castellinaldo), Colla, Sanche, Tanone.


Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero
Battaglino Fabriszio
Battaglio Mario
Cantina del Nebbiolo
Demarie Giovanni
Pezzuto F. lli

Vine Growers

1. Battaglino Claudio
2. Battaglino Daniela
3. Battaglino Giovanni
4. Battaglino Franco
5. Battaglino Ivan
6. Battaglino Luigi
7. Bongiovanni Armando
8. Bonino Piero
9. Bordino Giuseppe
10. Canonica Stefania
11. Castellotto Luigi
12. Cavagnero Ivano
13. Davezza Lorenzo
14. Delmondo Antonio
15. Delsanto Giuseppe
16. Demaria Antonello
17. Ferrero Luigi
18. Ferrero Maria Rosa
19. Lurgo Luigino
20. Pagliasso Giancarlo
21. Pagliasso Matteo
22. Pagliasso S.S.
23. Pezzuto Eugenio
24. Pezzuto Sergio
25. Rabino Margherita
26. Robino Marisa
27. Sacchero Giuseppe
28. Saglia Angelo
29. Vivai Ferrero Di Ferrero


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